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Fic Master Post

Edited/updated December 12/2012

Now I know why fandom calls them 'plot bunnies' - they breed and multiply when you're not looking. So here's a stuck post to keep track of what I'm doing and what stage they're at. All links are to AO3.


Queer as Folk:

The List: A Criminal Minds/Queer as Folk (US) crossover. Rated M for canon-level violence, approx. 30,300 words.

Deleted scene from The List. Rated G, approx. 700 words.

World Shaking. A little piece of ridiculousness that crosses Sailor Moon with Queer as Folk (US). Rated PG for language. Approx. 725 words.

(*Also see the Two Roads 'Verse, below.)


Grief: A Fragment A Shelter fic (surfer movie), written for Team Angst in the Shelter Diner fic challenge. Prompt: Sunset. Rated PG for concepts. Warning: Major Character Death. Approx. 1400 words.

Young Avengers:

Solace: A Young Avengers fic written for the kinkmeme, prompt "Snugglefuck." Billy/Teddy. Rated NC-17, M/M. Approx. 3200 words.

The Exception That Proves the Rule: Young Avengers fic, written for the kinkmeme.  Prompt: Shape-shifted female!Teddy, awkward/bad sex. Rated NC-17, Billy/Teddy (M/M and M/F... sort of.) About 3,500 words.

Who Can Retell (the things that befell us): Young Avengers, Billy/Teddy. Rated Teen / PG. One Christmas that Billy and Teddy didn't spend together, and five that they did. 6,300 words. 

Stained in the Blood (of a whole generation): Young Avengers/Criminal Minds crossover. No-powers AU. Billy/Teddy, rated M for violence. 35,000 words.

Two Roads 'verse:

The Yellow Wood: A Queer as Folk (US) / Shelter crossover. (Note: the surfer movie, not the horror flick). Rated NC-17, M/M, approx. 53,000 words.

To Travel Both: A sequel to The Yellow Wood. Rated R, M/M, F/M, approx 10,000 words.

Then Took the Other, As Just As Fair: A side trip flashfic based on an event in Chapter 7 of The Yellow Wood.

Draft Stage

Untitled fill for the Tales From Liberty Avenue fic challenge (Tales of: the Hustler)

Untitled University profs!AU for Young Avengers. Shaping up to be ten chapters. 

The Holmes Contingency: A co-authored Sherlock/Criminal Minds/CM: Suspect Behaviour crossover.

Outline/Research Stage

  • Under the Sign of the Swan: Queer as Folk (US) Regency-era AU.

    1810, London. King George III is going mad. His son, poised to become the new regent, is manifestly unprepared to take the throne. Upper-class society is ruled by the great families of the Haut Ton, and the barriers to entry are high. Fortunes are won at the betting tables, and traded at the altar. And 'coming out' meant something entirely different.

    Mr. Brian Kinney, wealthy son of an Irish tradesman, has built himself the kind of life of which as a child he could only dream. Money, power, privilege; he has won it all, in spite of the clucking old biddies of the Ton, and his 'understanding' with the widowed Lady Peterson is the perfect cover for the illegal activities with which he truly fills his nights. But one encounter with his lady's new protege is about to change everything...

  • Queer as Folk / Blood Ties crossover, based on Kyle Schmid's appearance in QAF episode 508.

  • "The Five Love Languages of Brian Kinney"

  • Two prospective sequels to The Holmes Contingency - no titles as of yet, just basic notes.

Fic: Duende (6/6 parts up)


duen•de [dwen-de; English doo-en-dey] noun.

Having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity.

Or, 'that one where the Young Avengers are college professors, and the BAU is investigating the campus.' A Profs!AU/Criminal Minds crossover.

Written for the AO3 Auction.

Beginning of the work, on AO3

Chapters: 6/6
Fandom: Young Avengers, Criminal Minds
Rating: Mature (canon-typical violence for Criminal Minds, one R-rated M/M scene for Billy/Teddy)
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman, Tommy Shepherd/Darcy Lewis, Everyone in the BAU are bros

Long time no post? New fic!

Sorry about the absence, ya'll - I've been spending more of my time hanging out on tumblr - come play! ardatli.tumblr.com.

I've started posting a new story, one that was prompted by my auction winner for the AO3 fundraising auction back in May. Two parts (of five) are up so far, the rest to follow this week.



Link on AO3

Chapters up so far: 2/5
Fandom: Young Avengers, Criminal Minds
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman, Tommy Shepherd/Darcy Lewis, Everyone in the BAU are bros
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, Derek Morgan, JJ Jareau, Emily Prentiss, Spencer Reid, Penelope Garcia, Billy Kaplan, Teddy Altman, Tommy Shepherd, Kate Bishop, Darcy Lewis, Alex Wilder (Runaways)
Additional Tags: Minor Character Death, canon-typical violence (Criminal Minds), Profs!AU, Alternate Universe – No Powers, Crossover, casefic, Billy makes bad choices, Teddy is a saint, AU of an AU, AU-ception


duen•de [dwen-de; English doo-en-dey] noun.

Having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity.

Or, 'that one where the Young Avengers are college professors, and the BAU is investigating the campus.' A Profs!AU/Criminal Minds crossover.

Fancomic: The Genosha Sequence

I won't be posting every update here, just occasional reminders, but I do put the weekly links on my tumblr - ardatli.tumblr.com - or you can subscribe to the site's rss feed here: http://comics.shipsinker.com/inc/feed.php

The Genosha Sequence: a weekly Young Avengers/Stargate:SG1 fancomic crossover event! (Can I say 'event'? Everything Marvel is an 'event'.)

Rated: Teen

Relationships: (eventual) Billy/Teddy


A short one-page update today!

SG1 settles in for a briefing. Lieutenant Altman ingratiates himself with the rest of the team, while Jack is Sceptical.


Also, new update to The Dale Cycle, at my AO3.

As I Am (8717 words) by Ardatli
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Young Avengers
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan
Characters: Billy Kaplan, Teddy Altman, Tommy Shepherd (mentioned)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - No Powers, Except for Billy, Crusaders!AU, Heather Dale, Fluff and Smut, Hand Jobs
Series: Part 3 of The Dale Cycle

In which Teddy is a crusader, Billy isn't technically a pilgrim, and some sins get enthusiastically committed.

Fancomic starting: The Genosha Sequence

Aka, that Young Avengers Stargate AU

Where Eli and Teddy are new recruits, Tommy's in trouble, Kate's on a mission and Billy is a little short for a stormtrooper.

SG1's not going to know what hit them.


Relationships: (eventual) Billy/Teddy, background Tommy/Kate.

Characters: Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, Billy, Teddy, Eli, Tommy, Kate.

No warnings apply. Rated Teen, canon-typical violence.

Script by Ardatli, art by Rich Morris (yafgcrich)

Read it over at Rich's ComixBlog - updated every Wednesday.

AO3 benefit fiction auction - bid on me!

For those who haven't heard yet, a pile of fanfiction authors have put ourselves up for auction, all the money going directly to the OTW to support the Archive of Our Own (and other fandom projects).

It works like so: you take a look through the list of participating authors and their relevant fandoms. You place a bid on an author (or multiple authors!) that you like. When the auction closes, you send the money promised for your winning bid straight to the OTW, who run the Archive. (no money ever goes through a third party!) You send proof of payment to your author, and begin discussing prompts.

I am up for auction! Make me your writer-puppet!

Information on the auction in general can be found here (bidding is open until April 25th).

And my bidding page is here! I'm offering a 2000-word (minimum) fic, on a prompt of your choice.

(I will write in multiple fandoms, including YA, Criminal MInds, Queer as Folk, Shelter, crossovers are encouraged, as are historical AUs!

My hard limits/will-nots: Incest, A/B/O, mpreg, non-con, bodily fluids play, a couple of others. See my bid page for details.)

Come and support the AO3!

Oh my gooooood, you guyz. It's done. (This story, anyway). I have a bunch of notes and started stories also set in this universe, but Teddy's story is signed, sealed and delivered with a bow. There's a full chapter (May) and a Coda in this update, so do click through.

Thank you so much to everyone who's been reading, kudo-ing and commenting along the way. You've made this so much fun! Thank you also to my betas, feebleapb and xandertheundead, who rock my world.


Link to the last chapter on AO3

Fandom: Young Avengers
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Billy Kaplan/Nate Richards, Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman (Young Avengers), Cassie Lang/Jonas (Young Avengers), Tommy Shepherd/Darcy Lewis

Characters: Billy Kaplan, Teddy Altman (Young Avengers), Tommy Shepherd, Eli Bradley, Kate Bishop, Cassie Lang, Jonas (Young Avengers), Nathaniel Richards, Pepper Potts, Darcy Lewis, Carol Danvers, Jessica Drew, lots of random Marvel cameos, Sam Wilson (Marvel)

Additional Tags: Endgame is Billy/Teddy, all smut is Billy/Teddy, Slow Build, no-powers AU, University AU, Romance, the porn is in chapters five - eleven, not as fluffy as originally planned, but it all ends well


The tenure-track teaching job is the rarest of holy grails for a young academic, but getting hired may have been the easy part.

These things he can be sure of: his students are going to drive him crazy, the bureaucracy is driving him to drink, and Bill Kaplan in the office down the hall is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. Too bad Billy already has a boyfriend.

All Teddy wants is to survive his first year.

I committed a thing.

Ages and ages ago, DangerousCommieSubversive over on the AO3 prompted me for Profs!AU, asking: " Is it bad that next I want to read about them getting busy while having a serious academic discussion? Because that would be super hot."

I started this in response, poked at it a bit, and then set it aside until I could make it all gel.

While this is set (nebulously) in the Profs!AU universe, the only thing you need to know is that Billy and Teddy are college professors, both teaching history. The rest is pretty much PWP, and egregious abuse of critical theory.

And footnotes.

I learned how to do clickable footnotes at AO3. Fear me.


Strange Miracle

Young Avengers, no powers (Profs!AU)

3,500 words

Billy/Teddy (Explicit, PWP, no other warnings apply. Toppy!Billy)

Teddy’s hand was back on Billy’s leg, and slowly working its way up his thigh. Teddy shifted a little where he sat, but the expression on his face was so totally innocent that Billy almost believed it. Teddy moistened his lips and his gaze flickered down to Billy’s mouth for a second before he answered. “Aren’t you veering into lit-crit just a tad?” he asked, one eyebrow up.

“It’s – uh-“ Teddy’s hand had reached Billy’s hip, and his fingertips pressed gently into the curve of his ass. “It is a literary work,” Billy pointed out, fighting to keep from grinning. If this was how Teddy was going to play it, Billy wasn’t going to be the one to crack first.

Link to the AO3

Fic: There's No Textbook For This (11/12)

There's No Textbook For This

Young Avengers University AU, no powers.

Chapter: April (11/12)

Rating: Explicit (added: barebacking)

Relationships: Billy/Teddy, background Tommy/Darcy Lewis

Word count: 83,065 as of this update (this update ~9300 words)

When Sam spoke again, it was with a finger crooked over his chin and a pensive expression. “Honest question time, Ted, and I can’t tell you why I’m asking. Technically, even I don’t know about this. But is there anyone who might have it out for you?”

Link on the AO3

Fic: There's No Textbook For This (WIP)

Fandom: Young Avengers

(University AU, no-powers, Billy/Teddy)

Now, with a new chapter!

March (link to AO3)